Moga Managing Director Yousef Gorji Discusses the Future of Digital Finance and Tokenizing Mines at Berlin Panel

Berlin, Germany – May 23, 2024

Yousef Gorji, the Managing Director of Moga, delivered an insightful presentation on the transformative potential of digital finance in the mining industry during a high-profile panel hosted by Nimrod Knoller, core contributor at Q Blockchain in Berlin on Thursday. The event focused on the rise of digital finance and the innovative concept of tokenizing mine assets.

During his address, Gorji emphasized the urgent need for liquidity in the mining industry to develop both the industry itself and the raw material supply chain. Bloomberg recently quoted the path to net zero could cost $215 trillion. He highlighted the critical role of this asset class in electrifying the global economy and supporting the burgeoning sectors of artificial intelligence and data centres.

He stated the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the mining sector by providing alternative capital solutions for capital-intensive projects and attracting another generation of wealth. Yousef Gorji proposed the concept of tokenising a mine, which could enable the creation of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) or communities. This innovation could democratise mining investments by offering an opportunity for fractional ownership, benefiting local populations where the mines are located.

“Tokenizing a mine can offer fractional ownership, breaking the asset down into smaller, more affordable parts, thus making mining more accessible despite traditionally high entry costs,” explained Gorji. “This approach not only enhances benefits associated with the development of mines but also ensures that all parties involved have clear visibility into the operations.”

Yousef stated that while blockchain is still in its early stages, it holds potential for continuous evolution and application within the mining sector. He suggested that as mining companies and investors begin to recognize the advantages of blockchain technology for raising capital and managing assets, we may witness a shift in industry practices.

As the discussion concluded, Gorji left the audience with a thought-provoking question about the broader applications of blockchain in mining, inviting further exploration and innovation in this critical field.


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