Mineral Processing

Mineral processing is the pivotal stage where mined ore is transformed into valuable, market-ready materials. This stands at a juncture of innovation and environmental stewardship. As the demand for minerals surges alongside the global push towards decarbonisation and technological advancements, the importance of reimagining mineral processing methods has never been more important. This transformation focuses on developing cleaner, greener, and more sustainable practices that significantly reduce the environmental toll and toxic impacts traditionally associated with mineral extraction and processing.

There is a need to adopt processing techniques that reduce energy consumption and enhance operational efficiency. Reinventing mineral processing encompasses the integration of the latest technologies and adopting sustainable practices, such as using AI and Machine Learning, recycling process water, and employing non-toxic reagents in extraction processes. These innovations aim to optimise and lessen the environmental toll whilst aim to enhance the cost-effectiveness of producing metal.

Central to this is the commitment to leveraging locally available inputs and talents, thereby reducing reliance on long supply chains that can be vulnerable to supply shocks. By focusing on local resources, the mineral processing sector can contribute to local economies, support community development, and ensure a more resilient and secure supply chain.

Harnessing the power of innovation is what we continue to think about at Moga to ensure that the mining and processing of minerals align with ESG principles. In this approach, the mineral processing industry can meet the needs of what is required today whilst support a more sustainable future.

Moga’s business line Magmec is focused on developing magnesium metal supply chains. Recognising the critical role of sustainability for the future, Moga, is investing in developing technology needed to extract magnesium metal from readily available resources like industrial brine waste or seawater. Magmec’s technology will build upon existing advancements made within this technology area. This initiative aims to significantly reduce energy consumption, whilst minimise the socioenvironmental impact of producing structural metal. In pioneering this technology our approach offers a promising future for extracting critical minerals in a sustainable way.