Leading the Green Industrial Revolution

About Us

Moga aims to play a key role in creating environmentally sustainable EV supply chains. We will collect waste from battery production and end-of-life batteries to be safely processed and recover critical raw materials for reuse in automotive batteries.


Moga will run a state of the art facility which will be powered using sustainable energy making green batteries a reality. Equipment used at the facility meet European standards. Moga aims to protect its workforce through plant pollution controls to maintain good indoor air quality and ensure health and safety. Products that go through the MOGA cycle are processed with love and a care for the environment, it is our quality and philosophy what makes our partners committed.

Circular economy

Promoting the development of a circular economy for batteries. Our material experts continuously look for value in waste to achieve high recoverable rates and meet the specifications of our partners. With a focus on close collaboration.

Our Values

Care for our Planet

Ensuring waste automotive batteries are safely managed at end of life to reduce hazardous waste and minimise any risks to the environment.

Sustainability for future generations

Recycling materials to reduce the strain on the mining and refining of critically denoted commodities.

Social Commitment

Creating jobs to support local communities.

Research & Development

Advancing battery recycling technology to make processes more efficient and economic.