About Us

Moga stands to develop critical mineral supply chains, essential for the global energy transition. Born from the recognition of current industry fragmentation and volatility, Moga strives to streamline these essential supply chains but also to introduce resilience and efficiency that the market sorely needs. As we pivot towards a net-zero future, the urgency to revolutionize our energy production and consumption patterns has never been more critical.

By leveraging innovative solutions and responsible practices, such as focusing on circular economy principles and secondary sources of production for minerals. We are dedicated to minimising our ecological footprint.

Our mission is to pave the way for a clean, sustainable, efficient, and interconnected global economy, ensuring prosperity for future generations.


We seek to mine critical minerals in underdeveloped mineral markets, in jurisdictions where we can work alongside trusted local and international partners whilst keeping ethical mining practices in mind.

Mineral Processing

We aim to discover new ways of mineral processing that will differentiate us from traditionally high-polluting and toxic processes currently being used today. Our innovations aim to lead in a cleaner and more efficient way.


We follow a circular economy business model which allows us to recycle batteries and e-waste for critically denoted commodities. We continuously look for value in waste and ways to achieve high recoverable rates. ​

Our Values


Critical minerals are needed for high tech industries.


Critical minerals are needed to build cities.

Care for
The Planet

Critical minerals will achieve net zero targets.

for Future Generations

Critical minerals will reduce global warming potential.


Moga’s team of professionals and advisors come from background of geology, trading, finance, logistics and mineral processing. From top FTSE 100 companies to leading intergovernmental agencies in policy making, which seek to contribute to the climate friendly pledge.