Moga Explores Innovative Financing Structure with SimplyTokenized for Mining Projects

London, UK – 1st July, 2024

Moga, an industry niche-focused critical mineral company, is exploring a collaboration with SimplyTokenized, an Austrian-based innovator in blockchain technology. The two companies are in talks to develop a unique alternative financing structure for mining projects through tokenization using blockchain.

This initiative aims to change the way mining projects are financed by leveraging blockchain technology and using another method of messaging to investors. The discussions represents a step forward towards integrating advanced digital solutions into a traditionally capital-intensive mining industry.

The discussions with SimplyTokenized will combine Moga’s expertise in the mining sector with a SimplyTokenized solution, to create a sustainable and efficient financing model that can support and be a future example for others to follow and accelerate the development of critical mineral supply chains.

Tokenization will enable fractional ownership of mining assets, making it easier for a diverse range of investors to participate in the financing of mining projects. This approach not only democratizes investment opportunities but also enhances transparency and accountability through the use of this technology.

The ongoing talks are expected to lead to the development of a detailed framework, with further announcements anticipated in future.


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About Moga
Moga is an industry niche-focused critical mineral company looking to pioneer innovative solutions in the mining sector and build resilient supply chains for those minerals that are underserved. With a focus on integrating cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, Moga aims to support the transformation in the mining industry and contribute to global economic development.


About SimplyTokenized
SimplyTokenized is an Austrian-based company specializing in blockchain technology and tokenization. By providing innovative digital solutions, SimplyTokenized aims to create transparent, secure, and efficient financial structures that democratize access to investment opportunities and drive industry transformation.