Moga Attends Canada-UK Business Summit 2024 in London

London, UK – June 26, 2024


Moga, represented by its Managing Director Yousef Gorji, attended the Canada-UK Business Summit 2024 held at Canada House in London. The summit, which focused on international partnerships, climate-conscious initiatives, and responsible mining for the energy transition, brought together key industry leaders, including representatives from Teck Resources and Rio Tinto from within the mining sector.


The event underscored the critical need for sustainable practices within the mining industry, especially as the world transitions to cleaner energy sources. Attendees discussed strategies to ensure the mining industry contributes positively to indigenous communities where mines are based whilst serving global efforts to combat climate change.


Yousef Gorji’s presence at the summit highlighted Moga’s commitment to pioneering innovative solutions that advance the mining sector while prioritizing environmental stewardship in metal supply chains.


The Canada-UK Business Summit 2024 served as a platform for industry leaders to connect, exchange ideas and explore new opportunities for strengthening trade ties.



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About Moga
Moga is an industry niche-focused critical mineral company looking to pioneer innovative solutions in the mining sector and build resilient supply chains for those minerals that are underserved. With a focus on integrating cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, Moga aims to transform the mining industry and contribute to global economic development.