About us

Moga aims to play a key role in creating environmentally sustainable EV supply chains. We will collect waste from battery production and end-of-life batteries to be safely processed and recover critical raw materials for reuse in automotive batteries.

Moga will use the latest technology and process methods to reclaim these critical materials. By bringing supply chains closer together in the UK, Moga will make battery recycling a really viable economic option.


Elements that are in electric vehicle batteries are identified as critical by many governments around the world including the USA, EU, Canada, Japan and Australia. This means that they have high economic importance and are highly scarce. Mining these elements requires other resources such as energy and water.  We want to reduce the strain on the environment by ensuring that these materials are recycled with care for reuse. Moga will provide a solution to the problem of hazardous battery waste and ensure safe end of life management for batteries. This will also be part of the solution for supply security for future generations.

MOGA will provide a one-stop solution to the problem of recycling electric vehicle batteries”